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Exciting Announcement!

I’m delighted to announce that Clear Water Therapy will be reopening face to face clinics this Autumn!!

I will have flexible clinics running in #Haddington and #Dalkeith on Monday to Wednesday mornings, and #PortSeaton and #Musselburgh on selected evenings. I will also be continuing to offer remote booking options via secure zoom. Online therapy is certainly no longer a second best option, research has proven this to be an evidence based effective approach and is simply something that is different from traditional face to face talking. Over the past year and a half I have found remote sessions can work well for many of my clients as they offer enhanced flexibility and ease, no traveling for one! The main thing I want is to #empower you to be able to access my services regardless of preference, circumstance and/or location. The most important thing to me is providing you with a space that is #safe, #kind and #compassionate. So however you prefer to work I can now offer you choice, and collaboratively we can create the environment that best suits your needs.

Following COVID-19 Guidelines, I will ensure that in person appointments will provide a safe and relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable. I am so excited about this move and can’t wait to be meeting clients #facetoface again. #announcement #reopening #cbt #hypnotherapy #coaching #counselling #eastlothian #edinburgh #scotland #cbttherapist #hypnotherapist

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