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Happy International Woman's Day Ladies!

On Sunday 8th March its International Woman's Day #IWD2020 this year the focus is An Equal World is an Enabled World #EachforEqual

It's difficult to say when the day begun but it can be traced back to the early 1900s when Woman demanded voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours. It's collective and represents all woman's rights globally. It still very prevalent in our world today where its original aim has not yet been achieved; gender pay gap still exists across the globe, woman are not present in equal numbers across business and politics. Figures show that globally women's education, health and violence towards women is still worse than it is for men.

I wanted to share this video (link at the end) which I am sure many of you may have already come across as its gone viral in recent weeks. Expectations on women are high, yet often none can be higher than those we place on ourselves, Judgement is real and criticism is fierce. I really believe that lifting each other up is essential but that learning kindness to oneself is the hardest yet the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

Today I spent an inspiring morning with @business_gateway_edinburgh and a room full of wonderful women creating their own opportunities in business.

@thelsproductions was our keynote speaker and Marie was wonderful - why?

Well it’s simple.... she was authentic, passionate and believed completely in her business ethics. Listening to her was incredibly motivational and hearing of her journey inspiring.

@thescottishbeecompany @theecolarder @kalopsiac told us of their passion on sustainability and I had the chance to meet and chat with many wonderful women throughout the day.

As I sit now at home with a cup of tea and my baby girls sleeping I am reflecting on all the wonderful women out there, the pressure and stigma that we live with daily and the everyday challenges that we all face. I want to honour all the woman that came before us who made it possible for us to have the opportunities we have now and collectively recognise that the future of equality for woman lies in our hands. Together we can celebrate AMBITION in women and create pathways for the girls of the future.

It’s time to be you and to be you with pride, stare shame in the face for its only in the darkness it grows, shine the light on it and it cant survive.

Know it’s OK to have a family, balance work with life and take time out when you need it. You can be proud of being a woman, unafraid of saying your a mum and a wife and a woman who’s growing her own business empire. It’s OK to be all those things and still want more.

Above all else I wanted to reach out and let you know that your not alone, we are all the same, each one of us battling our own insecurities, forging our way in a world that despite all the progress is still working towards equality in opportunity, professional respect, recognised intellect and so much more.

I'm here to remind you to embrace the opportunities you have, allow yourself to see them and build your self worth, know when your self sabotaging and be confident enough to ask for help when you need it the most. Be the woman who straightens the other woman's crown and reminds her of her inner goddess. Choose to surround yourself with inspiration and never be afraid to celebrate your success no matter how small it may seem, for every small win is a step towards your dream and every loss a chance to learn, grow and reroute, they all deserve their place in your journey.

Finally your health and your family are what matters the most. As I get older, becoming a mum and watching my own mum and those around me age, I have found myself more and more aware of how important our health is. Life has a funny way of reminding us that our time here is limited and I'm realising that without our health we have nothing. I recognise that too often our health only becomes important to us when it’s already too late and I realise that my calling in this world is connected to the need to put wellbeing and health as a priority, after all without that what do we have, nothing else really matters. In order to succeed in life, overcome the hurdles and be the best possible versions of our self taking the time and effort over our everyday health, our self care and our chance to rest is key. Today I heard something that really resonated with me and it was not to be afraid to be where we are needed the most “giving time to what deserves our attention will make us better people” - Marie Owen at LS Productions. So whether that’s your career, family or self find the balance in your life to create your flow.

Never forget to listen to the girl that lives in your heart, she deserves to shine ⭐🤍🌈 you are worth it x

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